Express Shredding Solutions was the 1st Mobile Shredding Company in Greeley & Weld County, Colorado We were incorporated in August, 2009 And we are still going strong!

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Express Shredding & Schaefer Enterprises

Schaefer Enterprises & Express Shredding Solutions provides mobile shredding services to Greeley, Weld County & Northern Colorado.

We offer a variety of services — on-going shredding services, one time purge jobs, Customer Appreciation Days and Public Shred Days — see our Mobile Shredding Service page for more information!

Our mobile shredding truck comes to your business to collect and destroy your documents! You can follow your sensitive materials from your building to our truck and watch as they are shredded. See for yourself that your documents are kept confidential from the time we receive them to the time we leave your parking lot.

Schaefer is a Go-Green Company and we also run a recycling and baling center. We recycle and bale all shredded paper and deliver it to certified recycling centers to be re-used in new products.

Don’t worry, our mobile shred trucks shred your paper to 5/8th of an inch. This is the shred size suggested by NAID - The National Association for Information Destruction. Our new truck can actually shred them to a smaller size. No one can see your information once it is shred on-site.

For more information or to request our services, call us at 970-353-0662 or request a quote here!

Business Helping Business

When you use the services of one of our many community businesses, you are helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become employed in their community where they make minimum wage or above! Learn about us and why we have been dubbed "The Best Kept Secret." We own several businesses that operate throughout Weld County & Norhtern Colorado! Visit us at

Support Community

Express Shredding Solutions is a subsidiary of Schaefer Enterprises, a non-profit corporation that helps individuals with developmental disabilities be productive citizens by working in their community.

By choosing Express Shredding Solutions for your mobile shredding needs, you are supporting our mission of providing vocational services, dignity, employment, and community outreach services to people with disabilities.

We pride ourselves on our customer service! We have two staff for each truck. A Job Coach who provides training and ensures the contract is finished correctly and one of the people that we serve. They are so proud of their jobs and work hard to make sure you are satisfied!

Schaefer and Express Shredding Solutions Believe in Business Helping Business! When you hire Express Shredding to provide your services, you are helping us to employ the people we serve and they make a comparable wage! We provide you with an excellent service each and every time!

Schaefer has served Greeley & the Weld County Area since 1952!

Ultimate Security

We offer shredding fine enough to ensure that you have ultimate security for all of your most private documents.

Shredding fine enough to ensure ultimate security

Left: The competitor’s finished product, with words and numbers still clearly in tact.

Right: Our finished product — shredded to within 5/8ths of an inch, as required by FACTA regulations.

Please Note: We Can Recycle x-rays, binders, cd roms & dvd’s — they must be kept separate from your paper. Please call us for a separate quote on this service! 970-353-0662

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